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They recognize the coherence of focusing all their energy in what they are specialists in.

After little thought, we wonder why anyone would want to have their own warehouse to stockpile goods, manage staff and lay out ludicrous amounts of capital when a company like ours exists.

As we focus on what we’re good at by being a resource for the following:

■ Geographically Targeted Warehousing.

■ Stocking of goods.

Complete Logistics Support – Packaging,Shipping,Tracking Orders and Returns.

■ We Host the ERP System that controls Stock, Staff, Buying, Selling, Shipping, Returns etc.

■ State-Of-The-Art Secure Online Ordering System with login area to make orders/track/manage/export Reports etc.

■ Market Research on items that already sell in the industry.

■ Massive financial investment for all of the above.

■ Experience in the online supply industry that may be the most valuable asset our partners have access to.


This person has one or more websites where they sell products to their list of loyal customers.

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The go-getter up and rising business guru that has the motivation to do what it necessary to succeed by diversifying and expanding their business portfolio.

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Already established businesses that have moved away from the ‘supply’ aspect of selling and more into marketing and growing their businesses often approach us to fulfill this major component.

The online shopping platform seller is under this category.
The experienced and the start-up platform seller on systems like eBay, Amazon, Bid-Or-Buy, Souq, Bonanza, Gumtree etc.

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The online community supplier.
Some sellers have blogs and a social communities they are part of such as Facebook, Blogger, WordPress etc.

Affiliate marketers.
CPA Promarket Ltd. Is at the crossroad where affiliate marketing meets eCommerce, many affiliate marketers have begun moving over to Dropshipping as the profits are normally much higher than just driving traffic.

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Mrs Rita Katerinochkin – Russia

You know I like it very much. I’m happy with my products! I’m happy for my customers.

Joe – Texas, USA

Hi yall, I’m always looking for ways to be more lazy and have things done for me. it is so much easier when I only need to deal with me customers and the rest is taken care of.

Jason – United Kingdom

I was in trouble because I could not afford to keep restocking my warehouse in time to server my customers, CPA solved this problem for me.

Mike Anderson- New York

When I was first approached to try dropshipping, I was reluctant. Since I started working with you, I’ve had a lot of spare time to spend with my family, I no longer need to search for suppliers, negotiate shipping deals, I have less people working for me because I don’t require a warehouse. I was the better option in the end.

Jenna – Brighton, United Kingdom

Hi it’s me Jenna, I didn’t have money to start a business selling my makeup and lipsticks. Thank you for helping me start with almost no money to begin with. I’m very happy that my store is doing a lot of business.

Miguel, Spain

Good service and good people, help me a lot.