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We are a trading company with warehouses in many locations worldwide. We supply mainly in the Health and Beauty, Tobacco and Spirit Alcohol Sectors. There is an online based division of the company that supplies products on many different platforms, both third party and proprietary.  Examples are Ebay, Amazon and online store owners that in most cases, we are their exclusive supplier, stock manager and shipping depot. We also provide tracking information on all items shipped for safe and secure eCommerce.

They recognize the coherence of focusing all their energy in what they are specialists in.

After little thought, we wonder why anyone would want to have their own warehouse to stockpile goods, manage staff and lay out ludicrous amounts of capital when a company like ours exists.

By design, an online retailer’s dream.

What is Dropshipping? – To ‘Drop-Ship’ or ‘Drop Shipping’ is an organization procedure in which the retail merchant does not keep stock or manage warehousing at all, but rather sends their customer’s orders, shipping details, contact numbers etc. to a third party, this third party may be a wholesaler, manufacturer or drop-ship service supplier who individually ships the goods in these orders directly to the retailer’s customers.

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