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Our Approach

We are a trading company with warehouses in many locations worldwide. We supply mainly in the Health and Beauty, Tobacco and Spirit Alcohol Sectors. There is an online based division of the company that supplies products on many different platforms, both third party and proprietary.  Examples are Ebay, Amazon and online store owners that in most cases, we are their exclusive supplier, stock manager and shipping depot. We also provide tracking information on all items shipped for safe and secure eCommerce.

Our Values

We pride ourselves in our ability to supply only original, quality products that we purchase directly from the manufacturer or accredited supplier. We only supply 100% authentic products in their original, sealed packaging.

Founded in 2004, CPA Promarket Ltd. reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers and hundreds of online store owners daily with its vast product collection. Right through its existence, CPA Promarket has been committed to offering an extensive selection of shipping applications to appeal to the individual requirements and tastes of both suppliers and consumers.

This executive structure allows scalability and flexibility to coexist with the focused and demanding resource requirements of the duty-free market. It also allows us to maintain market-specific identities and quickly take advantage of every opportunity for expansion as it occurs.

Each division of CPA Promarket has a separate and distinct mission to provide a significant contribution to the company’s overall success.

Our Crazy Skills

Customer Service 90
Excellent Products 95
Authentic Products 100
Dropshipping 75


I was in trouble because I could not afford to keep restocking my warehouse in time to server my customers, CPA solved this problem for me.
Jason – United Kingdom

When I was first approached to try dropshipping, I was reluctant. Since I started working with you, I’ve had a lot of spare time to spend with my family, I no longer need to search for suppliers, negotiate shipping deals, I have less people working for me because I don’t requre a warehouse. I was the better otpion in the end.
Mike Anderson- New York

Hi it’s me Jenna, I didn’t have money to start a business selling my makeup and lipsticks. Thank you for helping me start with almost no money to begin with. I’m very happy that my store is doing a lot of business.
Jenna – Brighton, United Kingdom

You know I like it very much. I’m happy with my products! I’m happy for my customers.
Mrs Rita Katerinochkin – Russia

Hi yall, I’m always looking for ways to be more lazy and have things done for me. it is so much easier when I only need to deal with me customers and the rest is taken care of.
Joe – Texas, USA